How to Apply

Applying to Lead Institute is fast and easy!

The first step in applying to any college is to research the programs. At Lead Institute, we believe that students have the right to weigh all of their educational options when deciding to enrol. Its only when they have all the information they can make an informed decesion.

You have three options to apply

  • Take the first step in the admissions process and complete the online application form. Students are admitted once a year at the beginning of the academic year. This means you want to submit your application any time before September 7th.
  • Download the application form. Then simply fill in and submit a scanned copy of the completed application form via email to:
  • Request or pick up a copy of the application form at our office at 5th Avenue, Madrelle, Loubiere. Fill it in and return it to us.
Copies of the following documents must be submitted along with your application form. They can also be submitted separately.
High school transcript/report (4th & 5th form)
Official CSEC result slip/certificates
High school diploma
High school diploma Birth certificate or biodata page of passport
Two passport-size photos
Important Dates

Application for admissions must be filed with Lead Institute by the following deadlines:

  • Priority Deadline: Jul 31st
  • Regular Deadline: Aug 31st
  • Late Registration: Sep 30th


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