CXC Associate Degree

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Lead Institute offers the CXC (Caribbean Examinations Council) Associate Degree as a two-year course of study, however the certification in units for the associate degree, may be acquired over a maximum period of five years (CXC).

CXC awards Associate Degree based on performance at Grades I to V in clusters of 10 units of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination® (CAPE®). Each CAPE Unit is equivalent to 10 credits. Thus, a minimum of 100 credits in a prescribed cluster of ten CAPE subjects constitute a degree. You may also opt to take additional CAPE units if you so desire. Each unit can be certified separately. A single certificate is provided for each examination sitting.

Students at Lead Institute graduate with either the Associate of Arts degree or the Associate of Science degree. The credit structure of the CXC® – Associate Degree is based on a minimum of 60 credit hours and has the combination of general education, specialised/core and adjunct/supporting courses.

Credits & Grade Points

The grades awarded by CXC can be equated to Grade Points as follows:

Grade Points
Credit alignment chart: CXC Associate Degree
Curriculum components # of CAPE Units CXC Credit Distribution UCJ/TQF Normed Credit Range % CXC Credit Hrs Notional UCI/TQF Credit Hrs
General Education 3 30 20-30 30 18
Major or Core Specialisation 4 40 50-60 40 24
Adjunct/Supporting 2 20 10-15 20 12
Elective 1 10 5-10 10 18
Total 10 100 100 60

Lead Institute does not grant degrees; we are a teaching institution. We provide tuition and mentoring focused on helping students acquire the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes to master the subject matter and exams. To monitor and check student progress, tutors assign regular coursework and tests as part of our internal assessment and quality control. However, external examinations for each subject are set, marked, and graded by CXC.


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