Information and Communications Technology

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an industry with excellent career prospects

The Associate of Science – Information and Communication Technology prepares students who want to work with – or even devise – the latest technology. Do you approach problems methodically, working towards a solution step by step? Are you excited about technology, gadgets and computers? ICT plays a part in all our lives. Most industries use ICT to solve every day problems, to innovate and grow. There is much more to ICT than basic word processing.

ICT Learning Outcomes. You will:
  • Analyze, design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs.
  • Apply computing theory and programming principles to practical software design and development.
  • Apply knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to the discipline.
  • Use skills and tools necessary for current computing practices.
  • Apply knowledge of computing and mathematics within technical domains.
  • Collaborate effectively with others on a project in a workgroup.
Career Opportunities
01. Artificial Intelligence
02. App Development
03. Programming
04. Block Chain Technology
05. Social Media Management
06. Software Engineering
07. Robotics
08. Data Privacy & Security
Course Overview
General Requirements Major courses Adjunct Courses Elective
Caribbean Studies

Communication Studies

Integrated Math

Computer Science Unit 1

Computer Science Unit 2

Information Technology Unit 1

Information Technology Unit 2

Pure Math Unit 1 / Sociology Unit 1 / Entrepreneurship Unit 1 or physics Unit 1

Law Unit 1 or Unit 2

Choose one unit from any other CAPE syllabus
30 credits 40 credits 20 credits 10 credits
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