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Helping you transition to the workforce, higher education and beyond

At Lead Institute we try to make receiving an education as easy as possible. That applies not only to earning your associate degree but also to pursuing bachelor's, master's and doctorate programmes from other colleges and universities.

With more than twenty (20) years of experience, we help you apply, matriculate, and earn scholarships to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in the USA, including Western Illinois University (WIU).

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Our recruitment and placement service however extends beyond Lead Institute graduates.  Anyone wishing to secure a scholarship to study at WIU may apply.  Application is quick and easy. Simply complete the pre-application form and submit it or return it to our office.

Western Illinois University

WIU Center for Global Studies Welcomes the Caribbean

Western Illinois University (WIU) is a community that offers an encouraging, accepting atmosphere for a diverse group of students to achieve their educational goals. WIU welcomes all Caribbean students with instant eligibility for merit scholarships. These scholarships provide for less than in-state tuition to superior students based on GPA. CAPE and State college credits are fully accepted; electronic transcripts accepted. No GRE is required for post-graduate studies. Partial scholarships are awarded upon acceptance. We will provide personal guidance.

CXC signs articulation agreement with WIU

We are delighted to partner with CXC. We recognize the quality and rigor of the curriculum, and we are so pleased that the outstanding students from the Caribbean will receive full credit for their hard work when they enroll at WIU.


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