Environmental Studies

Climate Change, Sustainability, Green Business. Understand how we affect our environment

The Associate of Science – Environmental Science is interdisciplinary framework that promotes understanding of humanity’s impact on the natural environment and how the natural environment impacts human development. It enables you to analyze environmental issues, consider the causes and develop possible solutions for sustaining and preserving the environment.

Environmental Studies Learning Outcomes. You will:
  • Describe and explain the multiple ways in which humanity at individual, societal, and global levels shapes and is shaped by its natural environment.
  • Analyze environmental conditions and human-nature interaction.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication about environmental issues.
  • Acquire awareness about immediate/wider surroundings through lived experiences on various themes.
  • Collaborate effectively with others.
Career Opportunities
01. Disaster & Emergency Management
02. Nature Conservation
03. Environmental Education
04. Geology
05. Impact Assessment
06. Marine Biology
07. Earthquake Forecasting
Course Overview
General Requirements Major courses Adjunct Courses Elective
Caribbean Studies

Communication Studies

Integrated Math

Environmental Science Unit 1

Environmental Science Unit 2

Geography Unit 1

Geography Unit 2

Law Unit 1 or Unit 2 /
History Unit 1 or Unit 2

Biology Unit 1 / Chemistry Unit 1 / Economics Unit 1 / Physics Unit 1

Choose one unit from any other CAPE syllabus
30 credits 40 credits 20 credits 10 credits
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