Associate of Arts - Law

Advance Justice, Solve Problems and Serve With Integrity

The Associate of Arts – Law not only provides a foundation for persons who wish to embark on further study and training for entry into the legal profession, it also addresses the needs of other persons engaged in occupations requiring knowledge of the law, such as clerks, paralegals, administrators, managers, police, and other public officers. The curriculum serves to inform persons of their rights and obligations, to engage them in the study of law as a discrete discipline requiring analytical and problem-solving skills, and to inculcate in them certain positive values which are necessary in a civilized Caribbean society.

Law Learning Outcomes. You will:
  • Integrate and apply knowledge and understanding associated with the discipline of law.
  • Define and analyse legal concepts and problems in their legal context.
  • Interact with law as a dynamic discipline by moving between disciplinary norms.
  • Work productively, collaboratively and openly in diverse groups.
  • Engage in self-reflection and make decisions consistent with professional responsibilities.
Career Opportunities
01. Paralegal Services
02. Legal Administration
03. Justice Administration
04. Dispute Resolution
05. Politics
06. Cybercrime Litigation
Course Overview
General Requirements Major courses Adjunct Courses Elective
Caribbean Studies

Communication Studies

Integrated Math

Law Unit 1

Law Unit 2

Literatures in English Unit 1

Literatures in English Unit 2

Sociology Unit 1

History Unit 1

Choose one unit from any other CAPE syllabus
30 credits 40 credits 20 credits 10 credits
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